If All Else Fails, Just Go Organic

And so it goes. So here is the thing. Here is a new piece of advice for those of you who have been struggling with all kinds of bugs for far too long. This is for those of you who have had no idea what to do next. Lice, mice, cockroaches, ticks, bed mites, termites and all kinds of bugs and varmints that just don’t ever want to go away. You are even getting the idea that maybe these creatures like being poisoned, and here you are so right.

Before any further ado, your word of advice for the day then. If all else fails, just go organic. Why do we suggest this? Well, because going organic really does work. Forget about tick powder for your dogs, and don’t you ever blame the poor fellow for bringing them into the house, go in for organic tick control instead. Just remember one thing about those ticks and your poor pets. The ticks were there long before the dogs and cats arrived.

Like cockroaches, ticks seem to thrive on dust and dirt, so, if you’ve not been keeping your house clean like you were supposed to, then these bugs are sure going to be making your home their home. For them, home is where the dirt is. So, don’t go blaming your poor pets for ticks, blame yourself. Okay, that does seem quite harsh and all, so here’s the sweetener about going organic. Chemical poisons have no effect on pests these days.

They’ve become quite immune to it all over the years. Bur organic pest control measures across the board really do take these varmints by surprise and knock them all out stone cold dead, just like a heavyweight boxer landing his killer punch.

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