Go anywhere in the world and you will see that stainless steel is far more effective as a security device

Yes, pick a spot. Not just as a non-enforceable security device but as an effective safety measure. Well, it might not be possible for you to travel across the world at this time, but you will have made cross country trips by airplane, at least to visit family at those special times of the year. These days, you can go through any terminal in the country, from the world’s biggest and busiest to the smallest country ports, and you will see and experience just how much security has been beefed up.

It remains the sign of our times, and it does not look like security will be relaxed, perhaps never. But that is still a very good thing. No matter where you go, where you travel, at least you will always be feeling safe and secure. Apart from manned patrols, check point staff and even armed guards, you will always be encountering stainless steel turnstiles. Not just at airports but at bus and train stations as well. And if you never, ever get to leave town in your life, they are still there.

Travel by bus or train to work in the morning and the building you enter patrols your passage with friendly security staff. Their responsible job is made a little easier by stainless steel turnstiles. They are good for security purposes. They are also good for keeping intact safety measures. Not to wish this upon anyone but what if a major emergency should occur. If a fire should break out on your building, the turnstiles serve its purpose well in controlling the crowds.

No one is able to panic and rush and do harm to one another.

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